Fantasy Football Season 2: Game Week 24 review

Wow. Well, I’m back after a few weeks hiatus, and I didn’t think that I would be.

I mentioned in my preview that the wildcard was with a view to the coming weeks, and with maybe 10 minutes to go, Kev was set to win the week. Then up popped Raphinha with a goal, and after Kev had his -4 taken from his score, rather than losing the week by 1 point – I won it by 3 points.

That’s going to hurt Kev, he had a little momentum and needs wins. He can’t afford for me to steal one like I have done there.

With 13 game weeks remaining, I’m leading by 6 wins. The astute amongst you will have worked out that if I win 4 more games, I can’t be caught.

I’m hoping that the wildcard will come into its own now and take me one step closer to retaining the trophy. Surely now, after the wobble has been stopped, it’s when, not if I will win the league.

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