Fantasy Football Season 2: Game Week 23 review

Me again!! And I’m very surprised to be writing this, Simon set off like a rat up a drain pipe with 30 points from the first game compared to my 2, but then most of my players stepped up to the plate and I broke the 100 barrier to win by 24 which is a lot more comfortable than it actually was.

We went into the final match with all to play for, but City conceding and Sterling doing nothing meant Simon couldn’t claw back the points.

I’m pleased that I won and surprised because I didn’t get the gentlemanly nudge that there was a double game week, so I had to lose 4 points to make those changes, but Barnes turned a profit with 11 points against the minus 4.

I can’t gloat because in 61 weeks we have never had a draw and I’m 5 behind with 14 to play and Simon only needs to win 4 more of those, surely he can’t lose the lead? Surely? Surely‚Ķ

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