Fantasy Football Season 2: Game Week 20 review

For the first time in a while, I was unsure if I was in a good place to win this week. I made the decision to drop Kane before his price plummeted, in doing so I took a -4 and was going to start the week on the back foot.

Pep roulette was in full swing, chopping away 66% of my City assets. Fortunately, he was kind enough to not bring them on for 60 seconds, and in turn, I managed to call upon two super subs to chip in with 14 points. The value of squad depth.

On Sunday, Paddy Bamford remembered how to score goals…and so did Salah! Barnes had a good run on his debut with us, yet despite all of that, there was still a decent chance that Kev would gazump me. The final player of the weekend for all of us was his captain – Son.

Cutting a long story short, Spurs shit the bed and the aforementioned faeces were flushed down the khazi, along with Kev’s chances of winning this week.

The lead is now 8 (EIGHT) with 17 to play. It’s starting to look like a comeback of Lazarus proportions will be required by team KP now, but, with another 2 gameweeks within the next 7 days, things could change.


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