Fantasy Football Season 2: Game Week 19 review

The magnificent 7.

I absolutely flew out of the blocks on day 1, chalking up the bulk of my game week total. Bringing in Cancelo and Gundogan were master strokes, the later neutralising a score by one of Kev’s players and the former dropping a whopping 17 points! 31 of my 68 coming from just those two.

If you add in the excellent haul by Soucek in centre midfield (15), I’m already on 46 points from 3 players. Antonio bagged again, he’s been a solid addition!

I was let down by Bruno, but fortunately it didn’t matter.

18 weeks left, I’m leading by 7 wins. If I can find another 6 wins, I’ll retain the title. The game weeks come thick and fast, so there’s a good chance that Kev can get back into it having played his wild care, but if I can ride that out….


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