King Games Social I – 11th September 2019

September 11th 2019 saw the debut of the King Game Social event, which took place in London. When it was determined that Simon was not medically fit to participate in King Games II, the participants decided to launch this new event which would focus on eating, drinking and….an Escape Room!

The event kicked off at 12 pm in the Slug and Lettuce where the King Games founding members met for a swift Heineken and a chat. From here we headed to Randy’s Wing House for the traditional food of champions, chicken wings. (Chicken wings were good, chips not so much. Beer was, beer-like)

With the formalities out of the way, it was time for a debut event at the King Games and something that will feature in all future King Games Social events, the Escape Room. A challenge of mind and body, that would combine the talents of the King Game founders.

The particular Escape Room challenge was focussed on the ‘De Vinci code’ and was actually geared at 4+ people. Not deterred by our apparent 50% disadvantage, we attended the pregame briefing and then dived right in. First, an individual challenge each, to unlock the door between their rooms and then it was time to merge their knowledge and logic, to crack the Da Vinci code. I’ll save you the finer details of their adventure, but a successful release from the room within the allotted hour followed. In fact, team King Games completed the Escape Room in just 46 minutes and ruefully it could have been even faster if they had followed up on an early hunch.

With the Escape room successfully ‘escaped’ it was on to the betting challenge, scheduled for a casino in Leicester Square. After a brief detour around the underground system courtesy of Kev’s mind fart, we found ourselves at the Empire Casino and following a swift beverage, it was down to business. The aim, double your money.

No need to divulge the finer details of what followed next, the swings and roundabouts that are gambling in a casino certainly made the hour or so at the tables an entertaining one – but the goal was achieved and they both left the casino with a smile on their face and with full pockets.

Next up, happy hour, the chosen watering hole – The Zoo Bar & Club. The plan here was to go and hang out in the cool bar, have some drinks and go from there. As it turned out, despite being open, the ‘cool bar’ was empty and the staff were not paying attention, so we settled for the pub next door and spent about 2 hours chatting to some old guy about football.

A fair few hours were spent drinking here!

By the time we finally moved on from our indepth football chat, it was dark outside and the club was now filling up a bit. We didn’t really have too long left in the day, so a quick shift to spirits to top us up, whilst we stood and admired the curious dress sense of some of the patrons.

All in all, the first King Games social was a success. We hope to arrange another before the end of the year, so watch this space.

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