King Games LDN XX: Official press statements

Following the leaked news of an injury to Simon’s shoulder, both competitors have released statements.

“I shall be working hard with my fitness team to ensure that we are 100% ready for King Games II. Injuries happen unfortunately and you have to look at the bigger picture, my longer-term health. There will be no further comments at this time”

The tone reads of a man who knows that the injury could keep him out of King Games II, but that with 3 days remaining, he is not ruling anything out just yet.

A spokesperson read out the following statement on behalf of Kev.

“Tough Mudder was booked long before King Games II, we were hoping for no injuries but it was always a real possibility, I wish Simon the best with his recovery, he is a fighter as we saw in King Games I battling back from the position he was in! If we need to reschedule then that is what we do, I (and the people) want to see both competitors in top condition”

Fans will no doubt be concerned of a possible late cancellation but as highlighted by Kev, the spirit of the King Games is that both competitors should be willing and able to compete in order to give the fans the event that they deserve.

A further update will be provided closer to the time.

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