Getting to know: Simon

Simon Alexander

Year of birth – 1980

At 38 years old, Simon has achieved many of the life goals he set when he was young. Someone who constantly seeks improvement, and is not a fan of being second best, Simon was destined for elite competitive events such as King Games, having completed 3 marathons, 3 Tough Mudders, 3 Men’s Health Survival of the fittest and one ‘can you eat more than 20 slices of Pizza hut buffet pizza in one hour’ challenge.

He has a passion for sport, mainly football and NFL but will watch paint dry if they show it on Sky Sports. In 2018, seeking a new challenge, he began learning to play golf and is currently not very good.

Simon also enjoys eating, as many likely do, but do many declare a necessary activity of their regular day as an ‘interest’ as he does. He is a big fan of travelling, particularly to the US where you get a lot of the same stuff that the UK does, for less money and with better weather.

Simon has been running his own company since 2016, mainly because he does not like being told what to do. He has however been married since 2014, contradicting his desire to not be told what to do.

Simon’s Quick-Fire Quiz

Favourite event – Mölkky

Least favourite event – Most racket sports

Best attribute – Focus

Best strength – Endurance

Biggest weakness – Pick n mix

New event you would love to see added – Strawpedoes

Best opponent – Himself

Biggest inspiration – Anyone who ever succeeded when they didn’t believe that they could

Biggest regret – Life is too short to regret your choices

Career highlight – Completing my first marathon in New York

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