Getting to know: Kev

Kevin Patterson

Year of Birth – 1982

A keen sportsman Kevin has excelled in many sports and competition-related activities. He has represented teams in Football, Cricket, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming and Golf and has won numerous competitions on an individual and team basis. Kevin freely admits that sport got him to the back seat of the school bus as he wasn’t cool enough to sit there otherwise.

From an early age competition kicked in for Kevin with the order of play for many summer holiday activities being decided by who won the 3-mile cycle sprint to the court or goals. Kevin said, “If you weren’t quick, you didn’t play, it’s as simple as that.” Hours of sport built up his mental toughness and drive and determination and the same 3-mile cycle race home for nothing but the thrill of victory helped his winning attitude and physical endurance.

In the last 10 years Kevin entered the multi-sport discipline through the Daddy Cup and World Champion of the World, the former a multi competitor 10 events daily challenge and the latter a one v one 9 event challenge. His multi-event debut started in Egypt where he entered and won Mr Sharm, a resort based competition in Sharm El Sheik and after some strong showing in the first 5 Daddy Cups (including 2 runner up spots) the victory came in a comfortable manner by winning the penultimate event – the 3 dry eating cracker contest to seal a memorable win.

It has been widely reported that Kevin would have had more victories in the Daddy Cup but for a change in scoring system that has had its fierce critics and it is from these criticisms that the World Championship of the World was spawned, pitting two elite level multi-sport discipline competitors together in a one v one 1 point per event challenge. After 2 unsuccessful title competitions, Kevin won the belt in 2016 and still holds it today, the most notable event of this title-winning day was when the competitor walked away from the penalty shoot out event for safety fears after Kevin’s rocket penalties were too strong in 5 a side goals.

Kevin has usually favoured the outdoor events picking up regular victories in golf, penalties, footgolf, tennis and conkers, his weaker events have tended to be eating and drinking challenges where he can dead last in the 6ft hot dog challenge and near the end of the pack with a pint down followed by hundred-meter head shake, although he has been undefeated in the last 4 dry cracker challenges.

The King Games was created as 2 multi-discipline sports from different territories came together, Kevin was excited at founding another event and hopes the crowd appreciate the variety of games and the simple scoring system.

When asked about himself and his career he said “Competition has always been rife in the Patterson household from the outset, whether it was standing by your car door and waiting for the central locking to open so we could jump in and race to put our seat belt on to board and card games, it’s a tradition that is still fierce today. No win has ever been handed to me, as my dad once said – you win nothing from the opponent not trying, and the only way you know if you are improving is if they try their best. Harsh words as he 8 balled me at pool as a 7-year-old where I could only just see over the table but words that have stuck with me forever. And I like taking this determination into a day-long competition, not letting one bad round affect the whole of your day and being resilient throughout. I like showcasing my broad strengths in sport and planning so when everything comes together, I know I am unstoppable.”

Kevin’s Quick-Fire Quiz

Favourite event – Penalties

Least favourite event – 10 burger challenge

Best attribute – Self-confidence

Best strength – Versatility

Biggest weakness – Eye sight

New event you would love to see added – Swing ball

Best opponent – Paul Billingham

Biggest inspiration – Liverpool v A C Milan 2005

Biggest regret – I don’t have time for regrets

Career highlight – Winning Mr Sharm, your first win is the best to drive you on for more

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